Durall Boat Bottom Paint

How to Paint a Boat Bottom: Video Instructions
We have prepared a series of short videos, posted on YouTube, that show each of the major steps involved in preparing the boat bottom and in applying antifouling paint to it.

The videos feature Captain Harvey Chichester, a master with over 40 years of experience in applying coatings to surfaces of all types.

These videos are not set in a studio. They do not demonstrate how to paint an artificially pristine surface selected for showmanship. These instructions take you through the entire process of painting an everyday boat bottom with all the normal wear and tear from years of use. That is, Harvey shows you how to paint your boat bottom.

NOTE: The phone number shown in the videos has changed. Please call 612-226-5200 for more information about any of these instructions.

Video Link Description
Part   1: Boat bottom painting introduction Introduction to boat bottom painting for speed and performance (3:18 min.)
Part   2: Uncovering Tips on uncovering your boat after winter storage (1:54 min.)
Part   3: Removing stain How to remove stain from the boat bottom (2:47 min.)
Part   4: Why paint The benefits of antifouling boat bottom painting (2:52 min.)
Part   5: History of boat paint Background on the development of antifouling boat bottom coatings and paint (3:21 min.)
Part   6: Expectations What antifouling boat bottom paints can and cannot do (2:03 min.)
Part   7: Tools What you will need for preparing and painting your boat bottom (16:14 min.)
Part   8: Types of paints Types of boat bottom paints useful for producing efficient, high performance, and fast boats (3:18 min.)
Part   9: Fairing How to quickly reduce drag and hydrodynamic turbulence, by smoothing your boat bottom (4:13 min.)
Part 10: Preparing your boat bottom for new paint First steps in preparing your boat bottom for new paint (4:29 min.)
Part 11: Creating the smoothest finish for your high-performance boat bottom Further details involved in sanding (5:39 min.)
Part 12: Make your keel and rudder into high-performance underwater wings. The most important surfaces on your boat need to get the most attention; check your keel and rudder (2:58 min.)
Part 13: The quick, easy way to fix boat bottom damage For fast performance improvements, glaze and seal boat bottom divots, quickly and easily. (5:35 min.)
Part 14: Create a smooth transition from boat bottom to the free board You can speed boat bottom paint application by applying tape along the boundaries of the painted areas. (3.11 min.)
Part 15: Two-component marine paint mixing Tips for mixing and applying two-component marine paints like copper or urethane teflon (3:20 min.)
Part 16: Boat bottom painting tips Fast, easy, boat bottom paint application tips and tricks (4:12 min.)
Part 17: Coating a boat bottom while on a trailer or cradle Using fast drying copper teflon paint to catch support joints just before launch (2:33 min.)
Part 18: Painting a keel or rudder for racing How to fair your sailboat keel and rudder foils (4:09 min.)
Part 19: Ongoing boat bottom maintenance Antifouling boat bottoms still need to be kept clean and smooth to stay fast. (2:44 min.)
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