Durall Boat Bottom Paint

Boat Bottom Paint Estimator
Determining the amount of paint needed to cover a boat bottom begins by calculating the value of Length x Beam x Draft [each in feet] for your boat.

Use this handy calculator for making these estimates based on your particular situation. Simply enter the length, beam, and draft of your boat, check the box if your boat has a metal bottom, and then click the "Calculate" button.

Length (ft.)
Beam (ft.)
Draft (ft.)
Check if metal: 
Based on that value, the amount of paint and the number of tools needed are then estimated:
L x B x D
Number   Individual Price       Cost
First coat of paint (quarts) $44.98
Add a second coat of paint (quarts) $44.98
Glaze (tubes) $4.98
Sponges $4.98
Roller frame and tray $5.98
Roller covers (pair) $6.98
Brushes $0.98
Tape (one roll) $4.98
Total Paint Price    
For metal boat bottom, add primer:
Number   Individual Price       Cost
Primer (quarts) $44.98
Roller covers (pair) $6.98
Brushes $0.98
Total Primer Price    
Total Paint + Primer Price    
If you would like to order, please click here to get to the order page where quantities may be adjusted.
  • The number of quarts of Antifouling Boat Bottom paint for the first coat
  • The additional number of quarts of Antifouling Boat Bottom paint needed to complete the second coat
  • The number of quarts of Zinc Chromate Epoxy Primer needed (only) for a metal bottom
  • The number of tubes of glazing compound needed to fair the surface before painting
  • The number of sanding sponges needed to clean and micro-scratch the surface for adhesion prior to the first coat
  • The number of pairs of mohair 4-inch roller covers needed for applying the paint
  • The number of roller frames needed for applying the paint
  • The number of 4-inch foam brushes needed for detail application work
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