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Note from Captain Harvey Chichester

Chichesters are longtime sailors

A number of years ago, however, I combined my abiding interest in boating and boat racing with the development of a superior coating for boat bottoms. We call this product line "Smooth Sailing" because of its effectiveness in preventing buildup of growth, in providing a smooth, low drag surface, and forming a longlasting protective layer.

My dedication to incorporating the best technologies and components into the development of our Smooth Sailing products is reflective of a long history of family devotion to world class sailing.

In the mid-1960s, Francis Chichester caught the imagination of the world by sailing around the globe aboard the Gypsy Moth IV. Later knighted, Sir Francis Chichester was just the culmination of a long family history of Chichester sailors going back well before 449 AD.

Sir Francis Chichester was an expert at navigation in an age before GPS. He cofounded the transatlantic single-handed racing program. He was the first to fly from Australia to England. He even made a valiant attempt at navigating the streets of London with his guide.

Sir Francis had an uncle, Admiral Edward Chichester, who was made the Superintendent of the British Navy at a time when that Navy was as big as the next two navies combined. Edward was also aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria. Edward helped train Admiral Dewey while aboard the Orlando Class armored cruiser that fought in the Egyption war.

Sir Francis was the step grandson of Rosalie Amelia Chichester, a female yachtsmen flourishing in the Victorian Age. Before she was 18 years old, she had made three world tours with her father Bruce Chichester second Baronet of Arlington’s 98 ft. 275-ton racing schooner, the Irminia. The Irmina was present at the first America’s Cup race in 1851. Bruce's father, John Chichester, made a fortune in the privateer business and captured a ship with 1200 lb. of gold off the coast of Ghana.

The Chichesters were known as a famous pirate family in Ireland after John Chichester the First Baronet of Raleigh was made Earl of Belfast and Lord of Ireland. The Oxford-educated Admiral John Chichester had been give the Ireland post after helping to defeat the Spanish Armada in 1588 aboard the HMS Larkey. The HMS Larkey led a squadron consisting of two other ships believed to be the Margaret and the John.

But let's go way back to 449 AD when Cica De Cester, "in 1360 shortened to Chichester," third son of Ellea Ruler of Britain followed Cica’s grandfather, a Norse mercenary named Hangest, to England. Those Norse seamen sailed their famous Dragon ships from the Weser River Valley to the shores of Devon England, just as the same family had sailed to Denmark and ruled it for three generations before being driven out and forced to sail back to the Weser River Valley in what is now northern Germany.

If you decide to purchase our products, you can be assured that you are using the finest boat bottom coating available today. If only the Chichesters of old could have been so fortunate.

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